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Rap groups 2018

To help you navigate the vast world of music-related website resources out there, we picked out eight of our favorite web tools that are made…

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Gangsta rap artists

A common distortion pedal for shoegaze is the fuzz, and there’s almost none more famous than the Big Muff Pi. It’s famous for a reason….

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Gangsta rap albums 2018

“Wait, we’re musicians, we don’t write agendas.” Ok, but that’s a great way to ensure you don’t get anything done. Being a good musician sometimes…

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Chamber music america submittable

Finally, we come to the latest album in the list, although Ambiant Otaku is, like many of the others, the debut solo album of a legendary…

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Grants for composers

I’ve learned this tip from experience. I’ve compared myself to other more successful (“better”) musicians and gone into a deep hole. The type of hole…

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80 hip hop groups

The sound of blues is predominantly the relationship between the major and minor 3rd, and the tritone. Dorian is perfect for blues music because it blends so…

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Fafsa grants

Most platforms have large engineering teams dedicated to all of this. We have a pretty good idea of how much money it’s costing these platforms…

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Key ii music no reviews charity

This Devo cover compilation features minusbaby’s fantastic version of “Whip It,” a track that’s worth listening to if you’re thinking about participating in the third…

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Gangsta rap group

Soundfly started scraping our own free course, Crowdfunding for Musicians, of as many mentions of PledgeMusic as possible. We were beginning to think the incredibly hopeful era…

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Sacramento region community foundation transforming the creative economy

Artists live and work on the island for two to four weeks and engage directly with the landscape, “responding to notions of conservation, ecology, and…

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